Tuesday, November 22, 2011

EXODesk - Desk of the Future

How much would you pay for a good computer desk?  A couple hundred dollars?
How about an ipad?  $500-$800 depending on the model.

OK.  Now, how about a 40" ipad that is built into a desk?  $1,299 sound about a right?  That's what EXOPC is hoping.  They just released this video of their EXOdesk which sports a 40" touchscreen surface and is set to debut some time next year.

I'm still in the air on whether having all that information and "cool-ness" at my fingertips while I'm trying to work would be a good thing.  I can only imagine that accidentally resting your hand in the wrong place on the surface and activating some app, or constantly seeing rss, email, google+ feeds scrolling down the side of the desk could be pretty distracting.  Though using it as a big picture frame that cycled through the family pictures might make me remember the reasons why I have to work.

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