Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to import old email to Gmail

Found a post on "The Official Gmail Blog" that detailed how to pull old emails from your other email accounts to your "new" Gmail account. It also describes how to use Gmail to check and send emails from your old email accounts seemlessly until everyone figures out that you've moved to Gmail. Now everyone that has tried Gmail and liked it will be able to use it full-time without skipping a beat.


josei said...

I think this only would work if all your old mail is on a server. For most people, outlook or other mail reader sucks email from the server, stores it in your hard disk and deletes it from the server. If that is the case, that mail on your disk will not migrate to gmail

Neo said...

That's a shame; when i saw the heading I thought I might be able to forward over an entire archive file full of my Outlook messages to Gmail :)

Rainer said...

I agree: Importing mail from a POP account into Gmail is old news (though the tips are worth reading for newbies).

But it would be a great new thing if someone found a way to import old mail from Outlook, *retaining* the old date and time information.

Anonymous said...

I've been able to copy all my old email messages into Gmail. I used to use Thunderbird so you guys using Outlook should be ok. I did it this way:

1- enable imap access in your gmail account and in Thunderbird.

2- once you have imap access to your gmail account just copy the messages in your other folders to one of the gmail folders.

3- you're done!

it took me some time to organize all these old new messages.

hope it works for you guys.