Friday, March 28, 2008

Ticketmaster fees!!

Thought I would be a cool dad and take the family to see High School Musical this summer at the Fox Theater. After checking the site, and rechecking just to make sure I wasn't seeing things, I've decided that $80/person is FREAKING RIDICULOUS! How can normal families afford to take the kids to see shows any more? On top of the $66 base charge, TicketMaster slaps you with an $11.45 "convenience" charge AND a $2.50 charge to PRINT THE TICKETS on your own computer! WHAT?!?! OK, let me get this straight. It's free if I have TM mail the tickets to me, but if I want to print the tickets on my computer, with my printer and my paper....then it costs me $2.50?

Hmmmm.....guess we won't be going to see HSM. I'd rather spend the money taking the boys somewhere like the beach, Disney, or even up into the mountains to rent a cabin or do some camping.

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